I know there are many of you that don't know why this girl decided to make Hawaiian Sweet bread.

Here is a bit about me :-)


My name is Christina Carpio. I married into a family from Oahu in 2004. They have taught me a lot about the food and culture of Hawaii. They are the ones that pushed me through

the wide open door that I seemed to be standing in front of. When our niece got married in 2015, I made my sweet bread for the reception. Everyone told me (Hawaii family and everyone else) "You should sell this stuff!" which is what my husband had been telling me the entire time I was getting the bread ready for the reception.

You might ask, "Why do you have a sweet bread recipe?" Well, my husband and I had a Hawaiian cafe for 9 1/2 years that we sold in 2015 when we found out our first grandson was on his way. You may or may not be familiar with Da-Kine's Cafe, that was us. We had been serving a name brand Hawaiian Sweet roll and I decided that I really wanted something to call my own that was not store bought. I found a recipe online and tried it at home, not quite what I wanted, but lets play with it :-) After changing this and adjusting that, I have something that I can be very proud to call my own!

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